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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

How We Sell Your Home More Proactively Than the Competition

How can we help sell your home? Allow me to explain how we do it better than the rest.

You wouldn't put a Picasso up for sale at a garage sale. Your house is just as important, which is why the team you hire to sell your home is so crucial. Getting massive exposure for your home is the best way to get top dollar, and having the right game plan is important.

When you sell, you control three things: the price, the condition, and the Realtor you hire to execute your game plan. We're a premier agency with Zillow, and we have a 'coming soon' program to help create buyer urgency for our listings. When your property goes on Zillow as a coming soon listing, buyers start to see it and fall in love with it before it goes on the MLS.

"We market to every Realtor in northern Colorado and our database of more than 5,500 buyers."

We also market to every Realtor in northern Colorado. Many sellers list with RE/MAX, but they only market within RE/MAX. We use the Internet to market your property to our database of more than 4,000 agents in northern Colorado so every Realtor sees it before it hits the market to create more exposure and urgency.

In addition, we market our listings to our more than 5,500 active buyers in our database to let them know the home will be for sale. Everything we do is proactive, unlike most Realtors who put a sign in the yard and pray that someone else sells the home.

If you have any other questions about how we can help you sell your home for top dollar, give me a call or send me an email. I'd be glad to tell you more.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Do These New Financing Regulations Affect You?

There are some important underwriting regulations that have changed recently that we wanted to break down for you. Will you be affected for the better?

Some underwriting guidelines have changed recently and this time, it's actually a good thing. 

Normally a change means these guidelines have tightened up, but they've actually relaxed some guidelines, and Fannie Mae has released a bunch of improvements for the consumer. If you're an investor, have student loans, or own a condo, all of these are relevant to you.

If you've had trouble refinancing your condo and have been told the property is non-warrantable, they will no longer require a condo questionnaire if you want to refinance for a better rate. That's usually where problems arise—things like the condo complex being in litigation or the owner-occupant ratio percentage being off.

"Fannie Mae has finally relaxed some important regulations."

Fannie Mae also reduced the down payment for investment properties from 20% to 15%. Since Fannie Mae allows for up to 10 financed properties, this is true for all 10 if they are a single-family unit, condo, or townhome. It doesn't apply to two- to four-unit buildings.

Finally, there were changes when it comes to student loans. Student debt can be a thorn in your side if you're trying to secure financing because those payments typically need to be calculated into your debt-to-income ratio. Fannie Mae has made it so that the payment that shows up on you credit report is actually the payment used to qualify you. 

If you have income-based repayment, we can now use that amount to qualify you. Additionally, if you have loans you're looking to pay off, you can actually pull equity out of your home to pay them with what's called a 'rate and term' refinance instead of a cash out refinance. The difference is that a cash out refinance has a 0.25% higher interest rate.

If you have any questions about these changes, don't hesitate to give me a call or send me an email. I'm here to help!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Kittle Team’s ‘On the Move Program’ Puts Their Clients in the Driver’s Seat…

When it comes time for you to buy or sell your home in today’s competitive real estate market, it can not only be tough but also quite stressful, especially during the busy summer months – the prime time for big moves.   So, after going through the entire process of finding the perfect agent, listing your home and then quickly selling it, the very last thing you want to do is worry about how you are going to move all your stuff to your brand-new dream home while adding even more expenses to your plate…

Rob Kittle and the Kittle Real Estate team are putting their clients in the driver’s seat by offering their customers complimentary use of their new company moving truck after closing.  “We added this new offering last October to give our clients an easy, hassle-free way to move and to thank them for their business,” says Rob Kittle, Owner/Employing Broker.  “We also wanted to add another service to our full-service real estate model and so far, our clients have been very receptive to our new program and love the moving truck.”

The ‘On the Move’ program by Kittle Real Estate allows their clients to use the Kittle Team moving truck free of charge after closing and whenever they need to use it beyond that.  “We understand that our clients may have the need to use our moving truck even beyond their initial move for new furniture or other needs so we give them time to take advantage of this benefit as long as they remain clients,” adds Kittle.

To learn more about the Kittle Team’s ‘On the Move’ program and other offerings call
Christa Reed at 970.460-4444 or visit and check them out on Facebook; Pinterest; and Twitter.